A Closer Look at Wales Bonner’s FW22 Artisanal Denim

Grace Wales Bonner has set the fashion industry ablaze since she entered the field more than six years ago. Deeply rooted in cultural storytelling via her luxe fabrications and tailored presentations, her Wales Bonner label has steadily redefined what European heritage dressing means – and looks like.

For Fall/Winter 2022, WB’s “Togetherness” collection features artisanal denim that is unique in the sense that it doesn’t simply rely on indigo and structure to sell a pair of jeans. The brand’s offering for denim this season comes “hybridised with panels of ceremonial Gniaka cotton,” with contrast color neutrals set against a dark blue rinse.

Described as “an artisanal fabric woven by hand in Burkina Faso,” WB’s new denim pieces are available in a full-zip jacket with a soft Eton-style collar and wide-legged jeans. Each piece contains intricately placed panels of the delicate African textile technique, appearing on the front jacket pockets and jacket back, and the side of the denim pants.

The brand further lists the denim constructions as a celebration of “world craft and hand-making.”

Wales Bonner’s complete FW22 collection and artisanal denim are currently available on the brand’s website.

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