Les Benjamins Dedicates FW22 Collection To Service Workers

Istanbul-based brand Les Benjamins honors migrant service workers with its new Fall/Winter 2022 collection. Creative director Bunyamin Aydin’s grandfather was among the guest workers who traveled from Turkey to Germany after World War I, serving as inspiration for the mélange of garments.

“He was a welder and was one of the first guest workers from Turkey. Him taking the courage to leave his small village in East Anatolia, where they had almost no literacy rate, still serves as a major inspiration to me,” shares Aydin in an exclusive press release.

Each piece pays homage to the particular services guest workers provided, from welders, tailors and nurses to garbage and factory workers. Buttery soft leather cleaning gloves merge function with fashion, whereas burgundy leather jumpsuits with bold front-zippers steal the show. Meanwhile, German and Turkish phrases cover oversized acid-washed denim and sleek chocolate brown suits, nodding to the pilgrimage migrants endured. Heavy knitwear, jumpsuits and spacious pockets lend to the collection’s utilitarian aesthetics, while its rich, deep color palette adds a luxurious feel. Breezy, expertly tailored pants are paired with trucker-inspired vests, furthering the assortment of showpieces’ high and low approach.

Take a look Les Benjamins FW22 collection in the gallery above.

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