UK-Based HIP Launches Exclusive New Balance Womenswear Collection

HIP’s careful curation of top-tier exclusives and collaboration has seen it rise through the ranks of British retail, putting it toe-to-toe with the best the nation has to offer. With its latest delivery from New Balance, “Created For Everyone,” its arsenal of contemporary wardrobe staples is further elevated.

Few regional British menswear retailers (several of which have now adopted dedicated womenswear platforms, by the way) have amassed global recognition at the level of their European or American contemporaries and even less so the regions in which they reside.

Making a name for a store, let alone the niche that is its home, is a difficult task, but not impossible. With each exclusive collection and thought-out collaboration, HIP continues to put Leeds on the global scene (akin to END. with Newcastle or SEVENSTORE with Liverpool).

Building on an arsenal that now includes Paraboot and BEAMS PLUS, “Created For Everyone” is an offering of elevated essentials that pays homage to New Balance’s sporting heritage while focalizing it in a totally new, unique light.

Landing as a concise, 10-piece collection rendered in rich brown and navy tonal colorways, the collection boasts pieces featuring minimal co-branding that services optimal wearability, versatility, and timelessness.

There’s a distinctly uniform approach to the delivery, with pieces pairing together to create two or three-piece looks via half-zip pullovers, pants, vests, and sweats – if you’re looking for a new everyday rotation of top-tier basics, this is it.

New Balance “Crafted For Everyone” exclusive to HIP, lands online Friday 27.

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