Drake’s Custom Lightning Arc’teryx Jacket Is Electrifying

Drake’s personal style is, quite frequently, questionable at best. But sometimes, you gotta give it to Drake for getting it right, as evidenced by his custom Arc’teryx jacket.

During Lil Baby’s set at Festival Metro Metro in Montreal, Drake practically stole the show when he showed up to guest on “Girls Wants Girls” wearing this one-off Arc’teryx Beta AR jacket, hand-painted by customization whiz @breakingdad420.

Drake’s Arc’teryx Beta AR jacket isn’t the rarest Arc item he’s ever flexed — that’d be his ultra-rare LEAF jacket — but, still, it is a one-of-one piece.

The co-sign from Canada’s favorite son doesn’t come out of nowhere, either: @breakingdad420 has built a dedicated social media following on the strength of their unique lighting-painted Arc’teryx jackets and The North Face puffers, exclusively sold in limited runs or by commission.

And the end products speak for themselves, with high-contrast graphics simple enough to enliven a technical jacket without taking away from their inherent stylishness. The fact that these garments are designed to withstand inclement weather only strengthens the motif.

One has to wonder if @breakingdad420 is now that much closer to getting their own official artist collaboration, à la CHITO x Veilance.

Anyways, despite his frequent OVO x Canada Goose collaborations, Drake has long been a die-hard Arc’teryx fan, which is hardly unusual for anyone native to the Great White North.

Two Canadian companies that specialize in cold weather outerwear — why choose?

With a sense of fashion that isn’t nearly as inspired as that of Kanye nor quite as embarrassing as Gunna, Drake’s outfits often sit in a stylistic middle ground.

The times when Drake wore Frank Ocean’s $2 million Homer chain with… a T-shirt and jeans or the bizarrely baggy bomber he wore to a basketball game are pretty good examples of his taste usually being just a liiiittle bit off, never quite as effortless as it ought to be for a guy who’s famously style-savvy.

But this custom Arc’teryx jacket is positively electric. You could argue that it’s stylistically doing all the heavy lifting for Drake, who only wore it with some pretty boring black pants, but credit where credit’s due: sometimes even the guy responsible for the Chrome Hearts Rolls Royce gets it right.

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