Let’s go exploring with Pandora brand-new Summer collection

Let’s go exploring! This season, Pandora captures the essence of summer with new styles inspired by sun-soaked travels and adventures by the sea. Pandora’s new arrivals offer collectable snapshots of the sights and sounds of summer. Embrace a sunshine state of mind wherever you are, with tropical fruit and rainforest charms, symbols of the sea and desert, and detailed pieces that evoke the feeling of listening to ocean waves and exploring beneath palm trees.

Fans can style charms as special souvenirs on new woven leather bracelets and bestselling solid sterling silver charm holders. Each vibrant new design is made to tell your unique summer story, so create your very own wearable version of paradise in a Pandora way, every day.

A. Filippo Ficarelli and Francesco Terzo,B. VP Creative Directors, Pandora on the inspiration behind the designs:

“We’ve designed a collection that captures the unique vibe and sense of freedom the season brings. We want to create a tropical dream and a space where people can use their imagination and enjoy the season wherever they are. The ocean is such a diverse place where so many types of animals coexist, we wanted to reflect the beauty and the uniqueness of that environment in our charms and jewellery.

Now available in Pandora stores nationwide and online at Pandora 

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