Take An Official Look at the New Balance 2002R Mule

If these shoes surfaced on April Fool’s, I wouldn’t have been surprised. But, they are completely real, and they’ve already received mixed reactions across the internet.

Based on the New Balance 2002R sneaker, the mules receive the same sole and upper, sans lacing. The shoe’s sporty design has been kept without sacrificing the comfort that NB is known for, as the sole is cushioned and ideal for those looking for a shoe that sits somewhere between a slipper and a trainer.

As someone who is part of the post-sneaker society, my appreciation for a good pair of mules has grown exponentially. There’s nothing quite like slipping on a good pair of slippers and heading down to the coffee shop for an overpriced cold brew, and I get the feeling that somehow, these would fit right in my rotation.

I’m sat somewhere between appreciating their comfort, whilst also being upset that a really good sneaker silhouette, the 2002R, has been done so dirty.

Thus far, the shoe is only available in China, but will likely see a wider release sometime this year. I have a feeling these are about to be everywhere.

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