4th STREET Wines collaborates with Designer Bangy Rabothata on the Chillas Capsule Collection

To celebrate the launch of Sweet Late Harvest, 4 th STREET wines collaborated with Jozi-based lifestyle
brand DEAD. on an exclusive Chillas Capsule Collection inspired by the Sweet Late Harvest range,
designed by DEAD.’ founder Bangy Rabothata.

We caught up with Bangy to chat about his brand and the collaboration with 4 th STREET wines as well
as how he incorporated the new Sweet Late Harvest into the Chillas Capsule collection

What was your creative direction with the Chillas Capsule Collection which allowed you to incorporate the Sweet Late Harvest?
We mainly used the cool packaging colours of blue’s and orange from the new Sweet Late Harvest and incorporated it into fashionable street-style clothing that is comfortable enough to chill out while remaining on trend. The moment I received the brief from 4 th STREET we knew exactly what we wanted to do and how we were going to do it.

What makes the 4 th Street Sweet Late and DEAD. collaboration the right fit?
Both of our brands communicate to the same markets and consumers and we’re both ever-changing, innovating brands that have our pulse on what our consumers are looking for. We both understand what it takes to go to the next level.”

DEAD. is a prominently known quality street wear brand that has a reputation for producing quality, innovative and stylish designs which continue to re-define conventional styles. Taking a different approach to clothing design and creativity. What is the creative process that goes into conceptualizing and implementing the designs that you come up with?
So the creative process initially begins with me finding the core elements of the two brands and conceptualizing a way to bring the two brands together as one on the most authentic and appealing way. I like fusing brand logos or colours as it’s the easiest form of collaboration. The next step is sampling and seeing if the concept translates the desired messaging or obejectve. And then we move to production.

What do you believe makes you stand out as a creative that is redefining what the culture means and consequently shifting it through your artistic capabilities?
I don’t think I’m a “creative”. I think everyone is a creative, I’m just creatively inclined. I’ve worked hard at perfecting my creativity and made it a main focus in my life, making many sacrifices to do what I’m doing – and this all contributes to my success. What makes us able to consistently redefine what culture means is how we interpret information, execute our ideas and pay attention to detail. Being creatively inclined is like working on yourself, it’s a journey that never ends. The more you realize it, the more you know yourself. The better you get.

To win 1 of 16 Chillas Capsule Collections Inspired by Sweet Late Harvest, designed by @dead._93.
Head on over to the 4 th STREET wine Instagram page and enter. Competition closes 19 November 2021 T’s&C’s apply.

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