Three Ships Mash Tun – a smooth-tasting, bold new invention

From a South African distillery famous for innovation, and globally awarded for its top quality whiskies, comes a bold new invention. Three Ships Mash Tun is a smooth new taste, born in the heart of the James Sedgwick Distillery.

The challenge behind Three Ships Mash Tun was to create a drink that would be a category breaker appealing to sweeter South African palates but still full of complexity,” says Three Ships Whisky Marketing Manager Meryll Stocks Roos. Using the ingenuity of the team behind the globally awarded Three Ships Whisky, we invented a drink that’s complex, spicy and easy-drinking. At just 24% alcohol it’s much lighter than traditional whisky.

Three Ships Mash Tun is mellowed in wood and enhanced with flavours of vanilla, toasted oak, maple, orange and cinnamon. It’s perfect to share with good friends, neat, on the rocks or mixed with your choice of soda or cola. “Because it’s an approachable and versatile choice, it’s easy to enjoy as a sun-downer or beyond,” says Stocks Roos.

Three Ships Mash Tun bears a name that might be new to some. The mash tun at any distillery is where malt, water and heat meet to create something special. It’s a place that mirrors the dedication, hard work and innovation of the people at the James Sedgwick Distillery in Wellington.

Three Ships Mash Tun is something new to discover with friends, and sure to become a South African favourite. It retails at R119.99 per 750ml bottle and is available from leading retailers and online liquor stores across the country.

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