There is a rebelliousness in every amber drop of Bisquit & Dubouché cognac: While it carries over 200 years of heritage on its shoulders, its bold look stands tall, proudly displaying the sleek lines that speak to a promise of what lies inside. 

This World Cognac Day we celebrate the versatility, complexity and the craftsmanship that can be found in every bottle of Bisquit & Dubouché. Cognac is one of the finest spirits in the world and can only be made from a very specific white wine grape – the Ugni Blanc – which is grown primarily in the vineyards located in a delimited region of Southwest France, where the town of Cognac is located.

Cognac is an Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC), which means that its production must meet certain rigorous requirements and respect a specific methodology that includes the pressing of grapes, the 1st distillation, a 2nd distillation, and ageing and blending. Double distillation is a key step in cognac making. The grapes are picked in late September and are lightly pressed immediately after harvesting to create a highly aromatic and acidic wine. The wine is then distilled twice in a specific Charentais copper pot still, called analambic.

During the second distillation, the first part of the distillate (the head) and the final part of the distillate (the tail) are separated and removed from the liquid, leaving behind the middle part (the heart). Then the heart is aged to develop into cognac.

Using Alexandre Bisquit’s original distillation method, Bisquit & Dubouché does not distil based on fixed parameters, such as timing, like other cognac brands do. Instead, Bisquit & Dubouché’s distinctive distillation method is highly aesthetically and emotionally motivated, relying heavily on intuition, experience, smell, and mouthfeel, enhancing extraction of perfumes and flavours during heart collection.

The distillers wait for the precise moment to cut, guided by deep knowledge and intuition while continuously tasting and smelling the liquid to guarantee that it has the signature Bisquit & Dubouché aromatic notes with strong floral and fruity concentration. They retain the “heart” of the cognac longer than other traditional cognac brands, and only cut the “tails” by hand at the very end of the process, which requires the highest mastery and sensitivity and is achievable only with years of practice.

The longer distillation method allows for a more intense aromatic expression and a smoother texture. It is the only way to extract a more concentrated aroma and obtain the inimitable smoothness Bisquit & Dubouché is known for. Its taste is described as fruity, with subdued smoothness, and specific notes of honey, fig, and dark fruits.

So whether you enjoy your cognac neat, on the rocks or in a signature cocktail, take a moment to appreciate and celebrate the legacy and craft behind cognac this World Cognac Day, with a glass of Bisquit&Dubouché in hand. Bisquit & Dubouché’s offering includes V.S, V.S.O.P and X.O.

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