4th STREET Wines Launches Sweet Late Harvest for the Ultimate Chill

4th STREET Wines is excited to announce the launch of their new Sweet Late Harvest – an easy-drinking, fresh and naturally sweet wine bursting with fruity flavours. From picnics in the park to Shisa Nyama in style, 4th STREET Sweet Late Harvest is best served at a cool 7°C to 13°C and is conveniently packaged in a 3 litre and 5 litre bag-in-box ready for any chilled occasion with your closest crew.

4th STREET Sweet Late Harvest is made from quality grapes sourced from selected vineyards throughought the Western Cape. What differentiates the 4th STREET Sweet Late Havest from other 4th STREET wines is that the grapes are left longer on the vine and are typically picked 1 – 2 months after regular harvest time, creating an even sweeter natural flavour.  This results in a golden colour and fully rounded, sweet taste with aromas of apricots. 4th STREET Sweet Late Harvest is the ultimate cold beverage to add sweetness to your chill-out sessions and pairs perfectly with hot wings and chakalaka and is great with Shisa Nyama platters.

Want to switch it up? The new Sweet Late is the perfect sweet flavour to add to chilled summer cocktails. Some of our favourite 4th STREET Sweet Late Harvest cocktails include:

  • Frost ‘n Fire – containing brandy, honey, apricot juice and cinnamon rooibos tea and 4th STREET Sweet Late Harvest.
  • High Rise Chillas – containing 4th STREET Sweet Late Harvest, triple sec, water and naartjie slices.
  • Ice Queen – containing apple vodka, 4th STREET Sweet Late Harvest, coconut milk, cranberry juice and vanilla syrup.

To further celebrate the launch of Sweet Late Harvest, 4th STREET has also collaborated with Bangy Rabothata, founder of Jozi-based lifestyle brand DDD, on an exciting consumer giveaway coming out in October – look out for more on the Chillas Capsule Collection competition in October.

Keep it sweet, keep it chilled with the new 4th STREET Sweet Late Harvest, now available at leading retailers nationwide for only R119.99 for the 3 litre and R159.99 for the 5 litre (ABV 10.5%).

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