SKYY Vodka Unveils Innovative New Liquid Twist

With its launch in San Francisco in 1992, SKYY® redefined vodka as the world knew it, helping to pioneer a state-of-the-art quadruple-distillation, triple filtration production process yielding a superior and smooth-tasting vodka with one of the lowest levels of impurities among its peers. Fueled by the progressive thinking of its hometown, and a respect for the natural character of the Pacific coast that nestles the city, the premium American-made vodka has returned to its roots to shatter category standards once again with the latest evolution of its award-winning liquid and new elevated packaging.

In formulating this refresh, SKYY recognized an opportunity to evolve its liquid for a new generation of vodka drinkers who gravitate towards lighter, more fresh-tasting drinks, with soda water emerging as the No. 1 mixer, and who choose brands with authentic stories tied to their place of origin. Backed by these learnings and motivated by a persistent attention to detail and commitment to quality, what began as one man’s mission to create the perfect martini has now evolved to include the pursuit of a better vodka & soda.

Now made with water enhanced with minerals, including Pacific minerals sourced from the San Francisco Bay Area, and filtered through California Limestone, the new twist to SKYY’s liquid is intended to enhance the mouthfeel and fresh taste of the vodka & soda. It is the base for a better tasting vodka & soda that embodies the natural character and spirit of SKYY’s birthplace – the grit and determination of the city balanced by the easy energy of the Pacific coast.

Because SKYY believes that when we do things together, we go further, the brand brought together a diverse collective of experts including a water sommelier, a chemist, and a professional bartender to craft this liquid reboot with natural elements found in the coastal waters surrounding San Francisco. Together, they discovered the unique, superior twist that minerals could bring to vodka. The result is a liquid that is fresh and clean on the nose with a hint of fruit and toasted grain, coupled with a clean, smooth taste on the palate, designed to add character to any cocktail experience and pair perfectly with soda water and a grapefruit twist SKYY’s signature pour.

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