Yanga Chief Connects With Blxckie & 25K On New Song “Ntoni Na”

Yanga Chief, the 2020 SAMA Best Hip Hop Album recipient, returns with a scorcher of a song in the form of “Ntoni Na” featuring two of the biggest breakout hip hop artists of the year, Blxckie & 25K. The single will be off Yanga Chief’s upcoming album Pop Star 2 slated for release later this year. It will be his third project, following 2019’s Becoming a Pop Star and will be the sequel to his debut album, 2020’s Pop Star.

On the single sleeve, Yanga Chief is flanked on both sides by the two co-stars he enlisted on the song. Each of them is clad in their respective cultural clothing, with Yanga Chief in Xhosa apparel, Blxckie in Zulu attire and 25K in Sotho wear – all three proudly representing AmaXhosa, AmaZulu and Basotho. This is also depicted in the music video which is set on a Safari tour.

Speaking on the song and how the collaboration came about, Yanga Chief says: “The song ‘Ntoni Na’ is about counting your blessings. In the first verse I touch on an abundance that I am grateful for, also touch on certain things that didn’t go my way,  where I started. It is reflecting and understanding my entire journey at the end of it having a lot of gratitude.“I looked around in the industry right now at people that I think probably have a lot to be grateful for, Blxckie and 25K looked like they were grateful to be where they are and have worked hard to be where they are and understand themselves at the same level that I do.”

Listen to “Ntoni Na” 

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