Muzi Releases KAYTRANADA Produced Single, “I Know It”

In preparation for his upcoming album INTERBLAKTIC, Muzi has released yet another single off the album. This time, he has released the KAYTRANADA co-produced “I Know It” which is essentially a song about him reckoning with the perils of phone and/or social media addiction and wanting to just plug out. However, if that message sounds a little too heavy, you can trust that it’s delivered through a thumping dance track that will surely neutralise the heavy subject matter.y

In what feels like a critique against society, Muzi questions our insatiable appetite to post all of our lives on social media asking, “Am I real to you if I don’t post, did I do it well if I don’t boast?”

Speaking to Complex about how the song came about, Muzi explains, “During my time of healing, I got addicted to being on my phone and social media to take my mind off of things. I wrote this song to sort of talk about my phone as if it were a woman I was in love with.”

Regarding his collaboration with the Canadian music extraordinaire KAYTRANADA, Muzi reveals that the two of them had been exchanging ideas online and the culmination of that was the song as we now receive it, “I Know It”.

Accompanying the song is a Clout Killed The Kids directed music video that captures the eclectic mood of the eccentric KAYTRANADA instrumental and the questioning, introspective nature of Muzi’s lyrics. And of course Muzi is donning his signature Zebra jacket.

Listen to “I Know It” 

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