Event Recap : Feel Good Series Expand Its Platform To More Than Just Live Performances

Feel Good Series returned for another installment of The Listening Party and this time featured lordkez!

The Listening Party is a monthly gathering of tastemakers and key music industry role players. The curated evening features a song by song exploration of the work of some of the brightest in emerging musical talent within the hip hop, alternative and indie scene. Powered by the world’s leading DIY distributor TuneCore, an entity that strives to help independent artists reach their potential at every stage of their career, the series has notably featured singer and rapper Money Badoo, Ricky Tyler as well as dj cum producer Gina Jeanz.

“TuneCore is committed to the plight of independent artists – over the years, it’s been increasingly difficult for independent artists to get the visibility that they deserve. For our partnership with the Listening Party Series, we see an opportunity to allow independent artists to tell their stories and share their music in conjunction with Feel Good Series who has been giving a voice to emerging talent for years. This highlights our core mission – to provide more platforms for up and coming artists – not just in South Africa but globally”. Jade Leaf, Believe Regional Director Southern & West Africa.

The latest installment of The Listening Party will featured lordkez, a young, emerging musician and multi-disciplinary artist based in Johannesburg. lordkez recently released her brand new EP titled “midsummer” a beautiful blend of RnB & soul with some dance and hip hop notes that bring the impressive diversity out of one of South Africa’s rising voices. After her internationally recognised EP “Charcotta” and her colorful EP “JUICEBOX”, lordkez introduces a side to her that finds the perfect balance between her diverse ability and her soulful delivery, with guest features such as the multi award winning Shekhinah, HipHop genius – Maglera Doe Boy and rising vocalist – Nanette – “midsummer” is filled with groovy basslines, beautiful vocals, blissful melodies coupled with a few moments of edgy raps, in true lordkez style.

On the back of The Listening Party, lordkez fans will be able to catch her and select dj’s at our day party hosted at Victoria Yards,  Saturday 28th May. follow @feelgoodseries for event updates.

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