Fear of God’s Eternal Collection Evokes Quiet Confidence

You’ve bolstered your wardrobe with a host of ESSENTIALS; now you’re due a smart-casual masterclass courtesy of Fear of God’s new “Eternal” collection.

Jerry Lorenzo’s distinct approach to contemporary menswear has seen the designer quickly rise the ranks and establish an empire all his own. Characterized by oversized silhouettes, multi-dimensional layered looks, and earth-toned tonal palettes, the Fear of God arsenal is easily distinguishable, largely taking the work out of building well-rounded looks.

Diversifying the brand’s output with the introduction of ESSENTIALS ensured FOG’s cultural relevance, creating the go-to leisurely uniform of inner-city kids and airport dwellers the world over, affording a modest entry point to the brand without stripping it of its core DNA.

Spring/Summer 2022’s introduction of the Eternal Collection is less an opening of an additional point on entry and more so a refinement and elevation of pre-established codes.

By all intents and purposes, the collection is an evolution of Lorenzo’s perspective on design, bringing a masterful approach to garment construction and updated fabrications into the mix. At eye level, it’s smart-casual, perfected.

Speaking on the development of the Eternal Collection, Jerry Lorenzo was quoted saying: “When we started the collection, the intention was to chase perpetuity, timelessness, sophistication, and elegance. As the collection developed, more and more it just felt eternal.

The collection didn’t feel like a number or a season, it felt like something that could live forever, so everything that was considered in this offering was designed with those guardrails. Does this piece transcend time?”

Fear of God’s Eternal Collection is due to release online later today – keep your eyes peeled.

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