The Nike 3.0 Offline Mule Is Arriving in “Arctic Orange”

Nike is expanding its comfort-focused footwear collection with the latest 3.0 Offline in “Arctic Orange.” The sportswear giant’s Offline series is known for its casual and practical aesthetic supported by technical embellishments for its lounging footwear offering.

The Nike Offline 3.0 elevates the level of comfort with its updated design. The mule is constructed with a ribbed insole that massages the foot and ensures greater emphasis on relaxation. With additional padding and an upper dressed in quilted fabric, the shoe has a soft and airy feeling. The wavy edges are not just for aesthetic purposes that mimic the calm movements of water, but it adds to the snug slip-on feel for the wearer. The mule continues to prioritize stability with its rope laces crossed over and extended through the eyelets.

The new “Arctic Orange” color is a more subdued version of a bright neon tangerine, readying the pair for vibrant summer style. The pair is available on Nike.

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