3 Artists Present Their Own Take on the Prada Symbole Handbag in Hunter Schafer-Led Campaign

Prada has once again teamed up with Euphoria actress Hunter Schafer, this time celebrating the label’s Prada Symbole handbag.

The two have previously worked together. Last year, Schafer wore Prada to the Met Gala, and most recently, she closed the label’s Fall/Winter 2022 show and wore the must-have tank top of the season, as well as starred in the Spring/Summer 2022 campaign.

This time around, Prada has tapped three different artists to interpret the Hunter Schafer x Prada relationships, capturing “three artists, three sides of Prada, three points of view.”

Interpreted by Catherine Opie, Thomas Rugg, and Carrie Mae Weems, names that are rarely featured in a fashion campaign, Prada is bridging the world between art and fashion.

“Each artist regards the same figure and the same object, but their practices, methodology, and results are wildly individual,” Prada explains.

The Symbole bag is all about different types of expression, and through the campaign, it becomes so much more than just an accessory.

The campaign is not only giving live to the bag, but it also showcases Hunter Schafer’s talent as an actress, transforming her into different characters for the act. “The campaign images become character studies – of Hunter Schafer, and the Symbole – composed of triangles, a graphic representation of the codes of Prada.”

Arriving in a handful of sizes, the Prada Symbole handbag is available for purchase both online as well as in-store.

I guarantee we’re about to see this bag everywhere this summer, both on the beach as well as on the streets. The question is, will it be able to beat the Prada Triangle bag? Only time will tell.

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