Vault by Vans Reunites With Julian Klincewicz for a Childhood-Inspired SS22 Collection

 Vault by Vans reunites with California based multidisciplinary artist Julian Klincewicz, for a spring/summer collection. The collection take’s inspiration from his childhood summers – spent in Union Pier, Michigan, among family & friends. The Vault by Vans x Julian Klincewcwiz “Pale Fire Sky” collection will be available beginning May 7.

With a multi-dimensional approach, the collection takes direct inspiration from idyllic pieces of Klincewicz’s childhood world: Bike rides to the ice cream store, swimming in lake Michigan, playing hide-and-seek in the dune grass, or sitting around bonfires at night to watch the summer meteor showers…. Eating traditional Polish snacks in the midday heat, early evenings playing soccer in the grass compound… The collection is a celebration of the summer spirit – of a single pair of shoes that starts new in May, and by September are beaten down with a summer’s worth of adventures. These adventures, and this spirit of childhood & community – are the central point of reference for the artist’s third collaboration with Vault by Vans.

“This collection for me is really inspired by the world I experienced in Michigan. It is inspired by the feeling, the memories, the spirit it represents,” said Julian. “I tried to approach each piece of footwear and apparel with a kind of humility and practicality in mind, as well as the idea of time. What would I want to wear there? How will it change? How does something like a shoe gain value as it deteriorates? Through the memories you make while wearing them.”

Each piece from the Vault by Vans x Julian Klincewicz footwear assortment was designed with intention and purpose. Julian tapped into his early career aspirations of becoming a shoe designer, summer experiences in Michigan, and the lifecycle of shoes worn throughout an entire summer to develop his designs. He landed on two central themes that carry throughout the collection: “PURE IMAGINATION“, which represents his childlike optimism built on a world of imagination and “PALE FIRE SKY“, which represents the energy of the more angsty teenage years. The Vault by Vans footwear offering includes three jewel-toned hairy suede executions of the OG Style 31 LX complete with black contrast stitching, laces, and an all-black outsole. “PURE IMAGINATION” is printed in gold foil along each quarter. Two executions of the OG Authentic SP LX, each with hairy suede uppers, drawcord inspired laces, a marshmallow outsole and siped outsole with “PALE FIRE SKY ” printed in gold along the side. The Vault by Vans branding was updated to include a rainbow layered heel scab at the backs of each shoe that when worn with time, reveal a new, different colour.

“My collection is meant to be worn and worn down, the suedes are meant to fade from bright to muted, from vivid to sun-bleached shades. The items are meant to be made individual by the owner – They’re meant to be tools for a summer spent running, playing, adventuring – they’re simply pieces to facilitate experiences,” said Julian Klincewicz.

The Vault by Vans x Julian Klincewicz “Pale Fire Sky” collection will exclusively be available to purchase beginning May 7, 2022 at Shelflife. To coincide with the collection, Julian partnered with friend and fellow multidisciplinary artist, Deaton Chris Anthony to write, record and produce two original tracks inspired by the collection.

“I think this is one of the more personal projects I’ve done, certainly the most inspiration I’ve taken from my own experiences… And to that end – music felt like a huge component of the project,” said Julian. “I think with creating this world – it was really, about designing things to facilitate the experiences of summer: A shoe to wear out, a shirt to read… But also, music to listen to. I wanted to really capture some of the spirit of Michigan, of my memories, to put people there inside my memory so they could feel the world, and maybe through that – be reminded of their own summer world. Music felt like the best way to do that. The songs are the score for the world, and the clothing is the costume… We treated the whole campaign as if it were posters for a movie – posters for the experience of summer. And we did a sound track for it too.”

For more information, and where to purchase, please visit The Drop List, a calendar of Vans’ most exclusive product drops. To find out more information about the collection, visit

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