Meet The young creatives flexing Reebok’s Classic Leather

Pretoria is a very different city, but dig a little deeper and you’ll find its youth have more in common than you thought. We asked 1802 x LK14 to document the Reebok Classic Leather and the neighborhood they from with their closest friends as muses. This documentarian approach makes for a much more compelling visual story once you realize the connection each person has with the photographer and the community from which they hail. What better way to showcase the Reebok Classic Leather than with young creatives who are actually making moves and staying on the grind? 

Check out how the newest Reebok Classic Leather takes to different settings.

Bea (Dancer)

Jr Ecko (Creative Director, Photographer)

Kate Dewet (Content creator, Manager )

Khensane (Artist, Basketball Player )

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