Official Images of the Nike Spark Flyknit

Nike have a new futuristic model in the works known as the Spark Flyknit 1. As its name suggests, it’s the debut of a new Swoosh technology called Spark, combined with the latest generation of their Flyknit textile. Additionally, the ‘1’ implies that this is the first of likely many more models to showcase this new feature.

Nike Spark appears to be a new midsole technology, which looks like a combination of a new cushioning compound plus mechanical arrangement. This comes in the form of hollowed-out sections of the toe and midfoot, evident by the deep channels on the lateral and medial sides. What this delivers is to be seen.

Meanwhile, the Flyknit upper is a bit more approachable as the manufacturing technique has been in use for 10 years now. Nike have found out ways to knit multiple patterns in one sheet of fabric for durability and ventilation, and this complex upper advances the design. It’s also likely some form of sustainability has been worked in via recycled materials.

While the brand hasn’t officially announced the product, these e-comm shots confirm its existence and mean a release is imminent. This definitely won’t be the last the industry sees of this model either.

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