Oakley partners with SA talent to launch new Bike Collection

Oakley announces the launch of its newest chapter of the “Be Who You Are” story, which showcases the 2022 Bike Collection and features narration from Team Oakley road cyclist Mark Cavendish. Within, the piece highlights the ways in which a bike is more than just two wheels, it is an enabler of human possibilities, strength, and freedom, giving the rider the power to explore infinite paths. 

As part of the campaign, Oakley is partnering with South African cycling group Fixie Fit as well as BMX rider Wanga Moshani. The partnerships explore not only their skills on a bike, but the ways that each support, value, and empower their communities off it. They tell their individual stories on how a bike has become for each of them not just a vehicle of transportation, but a vehicle for expressing oneself and finding purpose, family, and community. 

Fixie Fit is a South African-based, urban bike crew made up of artists, directors, and local fashion designers. Since its inception, Fixie Fit has grown into a community of riders that highlights diversity and inclusivity within BMX. Wanga Moshani is a South African BMX racer who started riding at the age of 10. For over a decade, he has been part of Velokhaya, a cycling academy that uses cycling, education, and mentoring youth living in communities with limited access to opportunities to support on and off their bikes. As the reigning South Africa Elite BMX Champion, Moshani aims to show others how a bike can change lives.  

“At Oakley, since our very early days, we see the bike world as an enabler of humanity. From world class athletes to local communities of mountain bikers. From the streets of New York to the fishing villages of Brazil. From a kid on his first bike to the legend of Mark Cavendish. A bike is much more than just two wheels, it’s an enabler of human possibilities,” said Caio Amato, Oakley Global Head of Marketing. “We want to inspire bikers from all over the world to believe in themselves & enjoy the ride.”

In tandem with the newest chapter of the “Be Who You Are” episode, Oakley launches the 2022 Bike Collection, featuring a range of helmets, sunglasses, apparel, accessories, and protective gear for a variety of cycling and mountain biking terrains.  

The 2022 MTB Collection includes apparel for men and women that delivers all-around comfort and performance on the bike. The dynamic range of apparel and accessories features shorts and jerseys with high stretch, engineered construction, bold colors, and trail-tested features that proudly reflect the brand’s iconic performance DNA. The collection also includes Sutro Lite Sweep, a functional sport design eyewear with optimized coverage blending the sweep lens shape first made by the Eyeshade and Sutro frame. The newly released sunglass includes extended field-of-view, retention and impact protection, making it the perfect choice for durability and all-day comfort on two wheels. Sutro Lite Sweep is accentuated by signature vented lenses for increased airflow to keep you cool and fog-free wherever your bike takes you. 

The 2022 Road Cycling Collection features high-stretch, breathable, abrasion-resistant and aerodynamic fabrics, along with reflective branding elements for visibility, providing an elevated cycling experience for all riders. The collection also includes Kato, the ground-breaking sunglass that revolutionized the eyewear industry upon its introduction to the marketplace in 2021, which features Prizm Road lenses engineered to help you see subtle changes in road texture and quickly spot hazards like rocks and potholes. The collection embodies Oakley’s road cycling heritage with an offering of premium products designed to keep up with the demands of road cyclists of all levels. 

 You can watch the newest chapter of Oakley’s “Be Who You Are” bike chapter on @Oakley Instagram as well as the Oakley Youtube channel, and shop Oakley’s 2022 MTB and Road Cycling Collections on the Oakley website.

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