FIFA Reportedly Terminating Partnership With EA Sports After Almost 30 Years

FIFA has reportedly decided to end its licensing contract with EA Sports, according to the New York Times.

The outlet reported that negotiations reached a stoppage after the soccer company requested that the gamer double its licensing fee of $150 million USD per year to $1 billion USD every four years. Additionally, EA has registered a trademark for “EA Sports F.C.,” which will seemingly take the place of its FIFA partnership should the contract be terminated.

Cam Weber, president and general manager at EA Sports, released a statement earlier this week suggesting that the company’s FIFA partnership will no longer be continued.

“As we look ahead, we’re also exploring the idea of renaming our global EA SPORTS football games,” said Weber. “This means we’re reviewing our naming rights agreement with FIFA, which is separate from all our other official partnerships and licenses across the football world.”

FIFA made a public response regarding the news, claiming that the company is “optimistic” about its future in the gaming sphere.

“FIFA is bullish and optimistic about its long-term future in gaming and esports following a comprehensive and strategic assessment of the gaming and interactive entertainment market,” the company said.

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