‘Marvel Future Revolution’ Finally Announces a Release Date

Four months after its initial announcement, Marvel Future Revolution has finally received a release date.

Scheduled to drop officially in August, the upcoming mobile game was jointly developed by Marvel Entertainment and Netmarble, the South Korean mobile gaming studio responsible for Marvel Contest of Champions and Marvel: Future Fight. Unlike the previous two titles, Marvel Future Revolution will offer fans a fully open-world action RPG experience with their favorite superheroes and Avengers members.

As for the plot itself, the game will thrust players into the world of “Primary Earth,” which was created by a number of different Earths converging. You’ll play as one of the members of Omega Flight team in an adventure to fight off villains all across the planet, bringing you to brand new locations such as the Hydra Empire, New Stark City and Sakaar. At launch, you’ll have eight playable superheroes to choose from, including Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Star-Lord, Black Widow and Storm. As you’d expect from a Netmarble title, there’ll also be plenty of skins and costumes for you to unlock or purchase along the way.

For fans of the MCU, Marvel Future Revolution will release on both Android and iOS devices on August 25, with pre-registration now open over on the game’s website.

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