Reebok Introduces the Human Rights Now! Collection,
A Celebration of Its Past – and Future

Back in 1988, Reebok worked with Amnesty International on a 20-date Human Rights Now! tour that featured Bruce Springsteen, Peter Gabriel, Sting and more — aiming to bring attention to human rights crises around the globe. Now, 23 years later, Reebok is reviving the Human Rights Now! initiative by launching its new “Product With a Purpose” platform and releasing a fresh collection of footwear and apparel.

Offerings include crisp takes on the Club C, Classic Leather and Workout, all done up in white leather and embellished with pops of green, red and black. The original Human Rights Now! manifesto can be seen on the back of each shoe’s tongue as well: “Let your voice be heard, wear this product with pride. Not just because you support the fight for human rights, but because you have those rights.” Apparel consists of hats, hoodies and more, featuring graphics from the original concert series. This is the first release from the above-mentioned “Product With a Purpose” platform, which will serve as a launching ground for Reebok community initiatives.

To further celebrate the platform and the collection, Reebok is reviving its Human Rights Award Program, which previously ran until 2007. Each year, the summit will award three young activists a grant of $100,000 USD to “support their respective global missions,” according to a press release. Reebok has also donated $270,000 USD to RISE, a non-profit that aims to educate and empower the greater sports community on ways to stamp out racial discrimination, improve race relations and champion social justice causes. This is the first piece of the brand’s new donation cycle, which aims to give $10 million USD over the next five years.

The Reebok Human Rights Now! collection is available on the Reebok webstore now.

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