Reebok Gives the Beatnik an Outdoors-Ready Update

Whether your slip-on footwear of choice is a mule, clog, slide, or sandal, there are plenty of daring options available to satiate your hunger for comfort.

By reviving the Beatnik, Reebok didn’t pick a side between indoor and outdoor wear; it put itself right at the center of both and let the wearer decide. As a result, the slip-on sandals have achieved cult status and become a key weapon in Reebok’s footwear arsenal.

As the silhouette’s popularity continues to grow, more and more colorways become available. The latest addition to the family is the “Outdoor Pack,” and despite what the name may suggest, these look ideal for maximum indoor comfort. Inspired by (you guessed it) the great outdoors, this new lineup of Beatniks is built a little differently from those before them.

Unlike the previous hard-wearing Cordura uppers, the new “Outdoor Pack” comes equipped with militaristic quilted textiles. Coupled up with the heel and midfoot straps, rubber outsole, and slip-on and off construction, these are literally sleeping bags for your feet.

What better way to showcase the Reebok Beatnik than with young creatives who are actually making moves and staying on the grind? We recently asked a cast of emerging photographers to document their  neighborhoods around them with their closest friends as muses. This time we turn our attention to Cape Town photographer @mj_johnson01. Scroll down to explore Cape Town and the youth who help shape it.

Matthew Johnson for Cape Town

“My skateboard was my mode of transport, I used to hitchhike from my suburb (Hout Bay) to the city every weekend to go skate I fell inlove with the cbd of cape town. The mix of concrete and nature always caught my eye. The beauty of nature infused with man made structures. A real life concrete jungle. We used to spend a lot of our time skateboarding and hanging out at Thibault Square. A space in the middle of the city surrounded by towering buildings”. From there you can find yourself wondering down a small one way street or make your way to the fountain in the middle of the city. The city is surrounded by the ocean and the mountains which make for a great escape from the city and some down time when needed.
Cape Town really has it all!


Rarri is a cape town local who is becoming a house hold name Djing at events across the country.
Djing was just something she did on the side for fun but it has become her full time job, she spends her time between Cape Town and Jozi playing at events.


Lea is the owner of a gallery @heartycollective in woodstock. Originally from France, Lea has been living in Cape Town for 5 years, she has immersed herself in the creative culture of cape town.

She owns and runs a gallery in woodstock called @heartycollective. It has become a creative hub in the city. With events happening at the gallery every weekend and during the week it is a space for artists to come and work. The Hearty collective has become a staple in Cape Town with people from all corners of the city atteneding her events.

Yaeesh Dollie

Yaeesh Dollie is from Athlone in cape town, he is currently studying to become a teacher.In his spare time he also pursues fashion design and works on upliftment programs in his community.

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