Tems Releases Debut Album ‘Born In The Wild’

Breakout Nigerian singer/songwriter/producer Tems has been on the up and up since jumping onto the scene in 2020 with Wizkids’ R&B cut, “Essence.” Since then, the artist has only grown in both talent and popularity, working with the likes of Drake, Future, Tyla and more. Not to mention she’s won a GRAMMY for “Best Melodic Rap Performance” amongst a host of other words including the NAACP Awards, BET Awards, IHeart Radio Music Awards and more – with 37 wins across 90 nominations. Now the artist is really stepping into her own with the release of her debut album, Born In The Wild.

Clocking in at 54 minutes with 18 tracks, the debut album includes features from J. Cole and Asake. Given most albums today have countless features, Tems opted to lean into her sound and creativity for her debut project – only using features for a subtle boost.


Born In The Wild is a story of transformation, from a cocoon to a butterfly. It speaks on surviving mental wilderness and coming to a place where one can thrive,” said Tems. “It’s about finally accepting oneself and embodying the woman I was born to be. It shows the different dimensions of who I am, from a cub to a lioness.”

Take a listen to Born In The Wild, which is out now.

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