Balenciaga Summer 2024 Campaign Tricks the Eye With Luxurious Seamless Backdrops

After staging a thought-provoking Fall/Winter 2024 collection in Paris earlier this month, Balenciaga has returned to deliver its Summer 2024 campaign, featuring a selection of still and moving portraits shot by fine art photographer Jitka Hanzlová.

The campaign stars Demna’s mother, Ella, and his husband, the musician BFRND. The designer’s former professor, Linda Loppa, also appears in the shoot, along with artist Eliza Douglas, actress Renata Litvinova, House friend Krish Ghai and Balenciaga runway faces Tommy Blue, Noureddine Boudaakat, Simone Embrack, Bibi Hoad, Jay Pak and Khadim Sock.

Much like its trompe-l’oeil accessories, the Spring 2024 collection’s campaign tricks the eye with highly realistic seamless backdrops depicting the halls, ballrooms and foyers of lavish homes. “In these portraits, a line is blurred between a three-dimensional person and a two-dimensional space, questioning the ideas of luxury that the interiors propose,” the brand explained of the illusory campaign, which pictures its carcoats, motocross jackets, big blazers, small hoodies, turtlenecks, Monaco Bags and playful accessories.

“The illusion is further dismantled with a corresponding video series, in which the backdrop is taken down or the difference in perspective is revealed with movement from the model.” At the time of writing, you can find these videos on Balenciaga’s Instagram Stories.

See Balenciaga’s Summer 2024 campaign in the gallery above.

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