Y-3 FW24 Brings New Edge to Athletic Techwear

For over 20 years, adidas’ Y-3 brand under the direction of Yohji Yamamoto has found itself at the intersection of luxury styles and athletic designs. Regardless of the season, each collection continues not just to build, but to refine the Japanese designer’s affinity for avant-garde styles – dipped largely in black of course. Now for the brand’s new Fall/Winter 2024 collection, Yamamoto is bringing a new edge to his core athletic techwear.

A core trait that stems from Y-3’s design ethos is a focus on hybridized styles. So for this season, what shines throughout is Yamamoto’s play with shape and volume, which adds simple, yet artfully carved character to each piece. For example, you’ll find a garment like a black techwear-leaning trench coat that is elevated by slightly twisted layered fabric, adidas three-stripe strap fastenings and a nylon belt closure. That same wrap-closure technology is seen with puffer and lightweight shell jackets – offering cinched silhouettes.

Yamamoto’ play with shape and volume is throughout the entirety of outerwear through nylon fishtail parkas, cropped jackets and even a remixed blazer jacket that leans on classic and active style notes. The wardrobe’s fullness is rounded out with bodycon suits, tracksuits, relaxed knitwear, oversized pants and the occasional sleek dress. Regardless of the piece, Y-3’s latest has been crafted with the stylishly versatile dresser in mind.

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