Acne Studios Heads to a Fantasy Forest for FW23

Acne Studios transports you into a mystical world that begins in a fantasy forest featuring poisonous vines and roots. Divine flora and sparkling tree sap set the tone for an ominous showcase of the collection as models emerge from the darkness.

The collection invites audiences into its futuristic world, rooted in nature and filled with the topography of a forest. Creative director of Acne Studios, Jonny Johansson discusses this season’s inspiration in a statement,

With this collection, I was thinking about the dark winters we have in Sweden, where there are only a few hours of daylight. I wanted to capture the beauty of the darkness in both the collection and the set. Sweden
is the kind of place where the city ends abruptly and then the pine forest begins. I’ve always enjoyed the contrast between urban life and nature, the idea that an infinite forest is just around the corner. In Scandinavia, nature rubs up against the city very often: you tend to have the playground on one side of the building and the forest on the other. But living in such close proximity to nature is becoming increasingly rare
in our modern world.”

SS23 features mostly earth tones throughout the collection, reminiscent of the nature-themed fantasy created to present the show. The tones of green and brown represented the decaying leaves while the tree roots were juxtaposed with acid yellow, toxic pink, rusty orange and bright blue to represent the poisonous shades. Pieces drape off the body like vines off a tree, while elongated sleeves and tattered strips of fabric accent the movement of the model, similar to that of leaves billowing in the wind. The draped style is contrasted with boxy, oversized silhouettes. Focusing on layering and floor-sweeping lengths in brown hues, the overcoat garments are an aesthetic take to forest trees. Cut-outs are a recurring theme and dresses featuring patchwork and crinkled georgette, lace and crochet leaves continue the nature theme of the collection. Textures and details are inspired by flowers, plants and tree bark. Overdyed wools are bonded with a mixture of materials including metal foil to create textures seen in nature.

Take a look above at the Acne Studios FW23 collection presented at Paris Fashion Week.

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