KidSuper Adds His Eclectic Touch to NBA x Fanatics Jerseys

KidSuper has teamed up with the NBA and Fanatics for a new line of league products for all 30 teams.

Tapping into KidSuper’s streetwear aesthetic, the NBA is dropping a selection of replica jerseys that feature the designer’s vibrant and eclectic spin. Featuring original artwork by Colm Dillane, the jerseys are his own reinterpretation of the team’s motifs, colors and design aesthetic.

The collection features Dillane’s playful creative approach, giving each team’s replica jerseys an artistic update. This time around, fans can see KidSuper take each team’s mascot both literally and ironically, transforming them into vivid representations of each city. For instance, the Milwaukee Bucks’ jersey sees an ominous figure of a buck in the woods as the main graphic of the jersey. The Orland Magic team features the classic pinstripe design that includes a cartoon-like bunny rabbit holding a basketball. In popular culture, bunnies are synonymous with magic tricks under the idea that magicians can pull a rabbit out of their hats. The Miami Heat jersey highlights the titular palm trees that line the boulevards in the city over a cotton candy sky. The Utah Jazz sees silhouettes of saxophone players on the jersey, a playful nod to the jazz music genre.

Dillane released a statement regarding his collaboration stating, “When approached by the NBA and Fanatics to collaborate on a new merchandise line for fans, I immediately said yes. I have always wanted to creative direct for an NBA team, and through NBA & KidSuper Studios by Fanatics, I was able to design jerseys and shorts for all the 30 teams with an artistic and adventurous take on the league’s iconic brands.” The capsule is high energy and bridges fashion, street culture and the NBA fandom all in one. Fans interested in purchasing the jerseys can find the collection at FanaticsNBAFansEdge and select team websites starting on February 15.

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