Gucci Captures the Past and Present In SS23 “Twinsburg” Campaign

Alessandro Michele transformed Gucci with his inimitable passion for nostalgia, irreverence, and opulence. Such themes frequented his work season after season, and it all culminated in the designer’s final collection for the House — Spring/Summer 2023’s “Twinsburg” show. Now, Gucci has revealed its SS23 campaign, spotlighting the Ready-to-Wear and runway-seen pieces for this season.

With Art Direction from Christopher Simmonds and photography courtesy of Joanna Piotrowska, Gucci’s emblematic qualities outlined by Michele are rife. Using twins, as the House did in the show, Gucci takes over an Italian villa to showcase how its identity — new and old — comes to life with twists to its own norms.

Take its loafers, for example. This traditional silhouette has been a part of the Gucci identity for decades, but now, they appear with heart-shaped toes. An exquisitely-tailored suit jacket in black is cropped but still double-breasted in classic ways, revealing a G-string à la Tom Ford-era Gucci. However, the branded cuff brings in Michele’s elements once more, combining the past and the current in a way not too dissimilar to what Gucci’s FW23 collection attempted to do.

Gizmo from Gremlins takes center stage on a collegiate-esque sweater, donning a cream and red color palette before bearing the fuzzy character alongside equally fuzzy, glittery film branding. Jewelry is oversized and fixated on “GG” motifs, linking back to the hardware on must-haves like the new quilted handbag, it too featuring “GG” emblems on the fastener.

Aside from the campaign, Gucci also reveals the e-com editorial highlighting its SS23 collection. Here, we see the clothes outside of the runway world — a test to see how garments translate IRL for its consumers. Without a doubt, Gucci proves that pieces like the orange sequin-covered satin “FUORI!!!” jacket is just as extravagant as expected, however, it can be dressed down with the far more affordable check wool-blend pants.

Cut-outs added to formal suit pants twist the norm once more with chaps, while clean and classic black leather boots are done-up with a buckle and the face mask now doubles as a piece of statement jewelry.

Take a look at the Gucci SS23 campaign and other garment highlights above, and shop the collection online and in Gucci’s boutiques worldwide now, with more items expected to arrive imminently.

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