London’s PICANTE Presents Its Latest “Summer Tee” Collection With Reworked Logo Designs

A strong selection of graphic tees is just as essential as the pairings of shorts and sneakers you keep at the ready during the peaks of summer, so; PICANTE’s latest delivery has arrived in perfect timing.

We’re a month into the official start of summer, and temperatures have started to jet into their peaks. Although it’s incredibly typically British to complain about the weather, you’ll know that the highest ends of the 20s (degrees Celcius) and through the 30s aren’t the most comfortable of settings to endure in London.

If you ever wake and find yourself looking for a long sleeve tee or light knit, forget about it – set your eyes on a lightweight short sleeve and your favorite set of shorts.

Not that anybody is sitting around this season in need of a lesson in weather-appropriate dress, but it’s important to keep your rotation ready to combat the hottest of days in style.

PICANTE certainly understood the assignment when it began putting its new offering of t-shirts together. Pieced up as a six-piece wardrobe, the new collection reflects the playful nature of the brand (see its Home Alone-themed lookbook), remixing a series of classic logos, references, and motifs.

On offer, you’ll find the “Forge,” “Fratelli,” Adobe-themed “Illustrator,” “Mojo,” “World,” and Michelin-themed “Mascot” tees. Each features colorful prints across white, navy, black, and blue bases. If your bean needs protection from the sun, the drop also offers up two pieces of headgear.

The full PICANTE Summer Tee selection is available to shop online now.

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