Frank Ocean To Direct His First-Ever Feature Film

Remember when Frank Ocean used to make music? Sigh, same. As of late, the Grammy-award-winning singer tapped in with his side hustles like supplying Drake with $2-million HOMER jewelry, serving as the Met Gala’s part-time security, and now, possibly directing A24’s next film.

On June 1, rumors circulated that Frank Ocean is looking to put out his first-ever feature film, which will be directed and written by the creative himself.

Ocean is reportedly in discussions with the independent film company A24, the modern cult-favorite horror ruling class behind films like the Kid Cudi-produced X, Hereditary, In Fabric, and Saint Maud. Oh, and they’re also the masterminds behind the stressful Uncut Gems (or “UNCA JAHMS,” as Julia Fox calls it) and the alluring Euphoria.

2AM, a London-based production company financially supported by A24, is reportedly heavily involved in Ocean’s upcoming project, too.

Ocean wasted no time getting his forthcoming movie off the ground, with reports that the he’s been eyeing New Mexico as the film’s location. Even more interesting, the film’s apparently got a tentative name too: Philly.

This wouldn’t be the first time Ocean tested the motion picture waters. In fact, he also directed and wrote his 2016 visual album Endless, where the music artist live-streamed himself building a staircase while bumping that then-new Frank Ocean music.

It’s also worth mentioning that he and A24 are already pretty tight, considering Ocean wrote the foreword for the screenplay book to A24’s Moonlight.

Ocean’s songs “Godspeed” and “Seigfried” even appeared in the company’s Waves film. With these previous run-ins, I wouldn’t be surprised if A24 went ahead and gave Ocean’s movie the green light.

There are so many questions that need answers. Will A24 release a Frank Ocean horror film (terrifying plot prediction: he never drops music again)? Will Ocean’s movie be Endless-esque with a soundtrack of new tunes? Is the trailer going to debut during Ocean’s 2023 Coachella set or Travis Scott’s UTOPIA premiere?

My burning questions remain unanswered for now, but I suspect all will be revealed soon.

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