Here’s what went down at the All colours Edition of Pantone Sundays with SKYY Vodka

Over the weekend, Pantone Sundays and SKYY Vodka hosted a special event. We in turn made it out in order to provide you with a glimpse of what all went down.

Pantone Sundays is a colour-themed fashion experience where both designers and the style-conscious can express themselves. Since 2018 Pantone Sundays has given the emerging fashion community a space to meet, network and express their evolving identity. 

By simply theming each edition with a colour Pantone Sundays have offered a common thread with which to weave creative expression together in a celebration of the vibrance of our collective African identity.

But to get a feel for the happenings at the Johannesburg All colours edition of Pantone Sundays with SKYY Vodka, click through the gallery above.

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