Step Inside Louis Vuitton and Nike’s Air Force 1 by Virgil Abloh Exhibit in NYC

Louis Vuitton and Nike have officially presented their Air Force 1 by Virgil Abloh exhibit in New York City. Housed in the Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse in Brooklyn, the exhibit offers an immersive showcase of all 47 Louis Vuitton x Nike Air Force 1 styles created by Abloh, and serves as a powerful, beautifully poignant reminder of his impact and influence on sneaker culture and high-end fashion alike.

All 47 low and mid-cut Air Force 1s are displayed in both digital and physical fashion, thanks to 3D holograms that accompany their real-life counterparts. They’re surrounded by a dreamlike space that makes use of mirrors, monogrammed walls and an LED floor that provides a feeling of floating – a feeling bolstered by select pairs that are perched high on the installation’s pillars. Though their shape may seem random, when viewed from the top they form LV and Nike logos. Various quotes and quips from Abloh – which his fans lovingly refer to as ‘Abloh-isims’ are spread around the space as well.

Overlooking the entire installation is a treehouse, created to symbolize Abloh’s own childhood dreams. Besides giving you a birds-eye view of the exhibit, it also contains a steamer trunk with LV x Nike Air Force 1s, individual components of the shoe in a glass case and even LV-branded turntables! Outside the space, an enormous statue of a breakdancer (with Air Force 1s on his feet, of course) welcomes you inside, and to coincide with the exhibit, Louis Vuitton and Nike have also put up a number of globe installations around NYC that can give interested parties more info about the exhibition.

The Louis Vuitton x Nike ‘Air Force 1’ by Virgil Abloh exhibition will be open daily from May 21-31, and is free to attend. Its operating hours are from 10 AM to 9 PM, and its located at 73 West Street in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

All images courtesy of Louis Vuitton and BFA.

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