Wrangler® launches global “For the Ride of Life” campaign inspired by the resilience and optimism of the cowboy spirit

Styled by Emmy-nominated Heidi Bivens, and narrated by rising country star Orville Peck, the campaign celebrates showing up and living life to the fullest, whoever you are, whatever stage you’re in, and no matter what life throws at you.

Wrangler®, a global icon in Jeanswear and casual apparel, today announced its new advertising campaign, “For the Ride of Life”, which celebrates everyday people pursuing new adventures with energy and optimism. Inspired by the resilience it takes to see challenges as opportunities and leave nothing on the table, the campaign is styled by Hollywood’s sought-after Heidi Bivens and serves as a springboard for a heightened level of western inspired fashion and culture that is more relevant worldwide than ever before.

“As we continue to draw inspiration from the resilience of those around us, there’s no better time to announce our ‘For the Ride of Life’ campaign showcasing people from all walks of life getting out there and enjoying their ride,” said Holly Wheeler, vice president of global brand marketing at Wrangler. “For nearly three-quarters of a century, the Wrangler brand has fearlessly strived for a confident outlook no matter what obstacles stand in our way. We hope this campaign encourages fans of the brand to have courage, take charge and keep pushing forward through the cowboy spirit within all of us as we look to the future.”

“For the Ride of Life” is anchored by an inspirational campaign film narrated by rising country music star and long-time friend of the brand, Orville Peck. The film features a diverse array of real people following their passions, from a rap crew to a roller girl gang; an eSports player, skateboarder and cowgirl; to young families and an older couple starting a new life together. The result is a celebration of those who live with optimism, joy and courage, no matter where their ride of life may lead.

The campaign is representative of Wrangler’s continued evolution as a brand balancing dedication to western heritage with strategic growth that is true to its roots. In recent years, Wrangler has expanded its focus to include a broader base of consumers fuelled by category expansions in outdoor and female, and geographic expansion with the launch of the Wrangler brand in China. With its 75th anniversary in 2022, the Wrangler brand will launch a year-long celebration, honouring its longstanding presence in music, fashion and rodeo while also celebrating the courage, optimism and triumph of western culture.

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