From Stuck In An AD To Stuck in a Billboard : What the Flying Fish?!

There is always more to life than meets the eye, or in the case of What the Flying Fish! (WTFF) moment, there is more to a billboard than meets the eye. In a first for the country, Flying Fish has literally stuck Tumi Malita ” Stopnonsons” & Mashabela Galane, two well-loved South African comedians in a billboard.

The two will be stuck in the billboard at one of the busiest intersections and traffic count areas in Gauteng, on William Nicol Drive, for three days, 9 to 11 May, doing multiple 12 hour-long live-roasting sessions of passers-bys.

A first for SA

“This is the very first time South Africa has seen something like this; we are revamping an ordinary concept and adding our flavour to it,” says Zachary Kingston, marketing manager for Flying Fish South Africa.

“Flying Fish is all about celebrating the unique and the unexpected and giving people a chance to experience things that are far from the ordinary.
“That’s why we consistently try and provide South Africans with new and exciting experiences and moments to enjoy,” he adds.

Flying Fish has decided to take ownership of these modern landscapes and create a playful, interactive inception experience for their followers to choose their own reality.

A very different project

The billboard is a collaboration between Capacity Relations and Joe Public. Sarit Reouveni Tomlinson, MD, Capacity Relations explains that the premise of the bollboard was to bring the narrative of the stuck in an ad campaign to life.

“It is about the What The Flying Fish moment, that moment when you wonder if you are in an ad or movie, and think just flow with it,” she says.
She adds that it is also about watching what will unfold. “We don’t know what might happen over the next few days.”

Kingston says when presented with the idea he fell in love with it immediately. “What better way to show that you are stuck in an ad!” he says.
“It is also a concept that will hopefully get lots of engagement, while bringing the narrative to life and produce some fun, humorous and unexpected moments.”

He says the project was not difficult to get off the ground, but it did require a different way of looking and doing it compared to what they have done in the past.

“There was a lot of learning on how to do this from permissions to licensing. There were a lot more moving parts than usual,” he says.

The team also erected the billboard themselves. “The billboard we did ourselves with specialsited teams and will only be up for the duration of the campaign,” he explains


“As a brand, we are now encouraging everyone to take those moments in life where perceptions of our reality make us go: “What The Flying Fish? and embrace them, have a laugh at themselves, and then share that memory, because whenever you are faced with something delightfully unexpected, chances are you’re stuck in a Flying Fish ad,” says Kingston.

“How better than to bring this narrative to life than presenting people with an opportunity to literally be stuck in a Flying Fish ad? Now you can. Take flight from the mundane and flow with the possibilities.The more we can all #FlowWithIt, the more fun there is to be had,” he adds.

Fans can now join the movement and watch an ad within an ad, enter the world of self-aware characters or even create their own reality-bending moments online.

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