New ‘Stranger Things’ Reviews Call Season 4 “Scariest Season Yet”

Reviews for some of Stranger Things season four’s first episodes are now in and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

Over the weekend, numerous critics and reviewers gained early access to the beloved Netflix series and subsequently took to Twitter to discuss their thoughts and first impressions. Fortunately for the Stranger Things fans, initial responses are full of praise, with one reviewer calling it “the darkest and scariest season yet” while another mirrored the sentiment by saying “the story returns to its roots and delivers the most exciting and sinister season ever.”

The show’s stellar cast also received a good response online, both for its returning members as well as new characters, while the show’s hefty $30-million-USD-per-episode budget really shined through. “Every penny is on screen,” said Rotten Tomatoes-certified Grace Randolph, with The Movie Podcast‘s Shahbaz remarking that “the production is at its best and the scares are dialed up to 11.”

For fans of the epic series, Stranger Things season four will return in two parts, with the first debuting on May 27 and the latter arriving July 1 over on Netflix.

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