pgLang Officially Announces Its Converse Chuck 70 Hi and Pro Leather Collection

Kendrick Lamar and Dave Free’s pgLang agency remains one of mystery to outsiders. The creative compound has a kink for dropping conversation-starting media news — like Lamar’s upcoming album release and its Calvin Klein campaign — then going MIA in between announcements.

For its next big move, pgLang links up with Converse for a first-time collaboration on a sneakers drop. And, in prime pgLang essence, the sneakers are just as secretive as its collaborator.

The pgLang x Converse Chuck 70 and Pro Leather keep things clean and simple — much like pgLang’s design language – boasting hidden gems that embody the quiet agency’s roots in creativity, storytelling, and curious exploration.

On pgLang’s Converse Chuck 70 and the Pro Leather, curiousness gets the best of me as I lock in on a cryptic backward tongue tag that reads, “You took the time to read this. So, you’re probably open-minded. Try this on for good luck.”

The Chuck Taylors get a double dose of the message for those extra curious-minded peeps, as the tag also appears on the heel.

It’s also worth pointing out how pgLang updated the Chuck 70 and Pro Leather with hiking-style metal eyelets on the upper, again emphasizing the collaboration’s recurring theme of inquisitive exploration.

We all know pgLang is known for making silent power moves, so it gives its logos the green light to mimic the vibe on its Converse sneakers.

The “pgLang” branding is imprinted on the Pro Leather’s upper, while the tilted “a” motif plays hide-and-seek on the Chuck 70’s outsole and insole.

As a sucker for details, I have to admit I’m digging the pgLang x Converse Chuck 70 and Pro Leather sneakers – or perhaps, the company’s secrecy is what continues to intrigue me.

Regardless, pgLang’s Converse fulfilled its purpose because my curios eyes would like to see more.

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