Palace Reveals Eclectic Summer 2022 Lookbook

Go ahead and fetch yourself a new calendar; because your Fridays are about to get busy – Palace is back with the unveiling of its Summer ’22 lookbook, and it’s more jam-packed with graphics than a copy of Beserk.

Oh, fellow streetwear fans, how would we ever know which day of the week it is without Supreme and Palace filling Thursday and Friday’s empty slots? Forgotten what day it is again? Just ask whose dropping today!

With the dawning of a new season, you can always expect a new lookbook to rollout and excite the senses for what the weeks and months ahead have to offer. Now, with Spring ’22 behind us (the geographical, confusingly weathered geographical season remains, for now), we have Summer ’22 to keep us busy – which also feels like a fitting word for the collection itself.

Palace is no stranger to graphics, they’ve played a dominant role throughout seasonal collections year-on-year, but Summer ’22 is particularly full, which actually feels pretty exciting.

At first glance, you’ll spot some of the brand’s most easily recognizable motifs and prints, such as the ever-present Tri-Ferg in several variations, roses, animal prints, and playful cartoon characters.

Where the collection really heats up, however, is with pieces like the china plate print shirt and jeans set, which gives me flashbacks of Supreme’s FW13 Ben Franklin shirt – a banger to this day.

There’s a lot to digest in the lookbook, so get scanning and prepare yourself for the rollout of Palace Summer ’22 in the weeks ahead.

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