Balenciaga Continues Its Reign as Hottest Brand in the World for Q1 2022

Lyst is back with its quarterly trend report, confirming what we already knew: Balenciaga, Miu Miu, and Diesel are fashion’s main characters.

For a third consecutive quarter, Balenciaga ranked as fashion’s hottest brand, a bragging right the house earned with its meme-worthy footwear, star-studded Fall/Winter 2022 runway show, and Kim Kardashian-fronted campaigns.

Coming in at second and third place are Gucci and Louis Vuitton — not totally surprising, given their usual spot in Lyst’s top five. Other mainstays including Dior (number six), Fendi (number seven), and Bottega Veneta (number 10) also made the cut.

Adding some fresh blood to the mix, both Miu Miu and Diesel skyrocketed in popularity, landing them spots in the top 20 brands. The former shot up ten places to number 10, and the latter jumped 31 places to number 15. Not too shabby!

We all know what — and who — Miu Miu and Diesel have to thank for their rapid ascension. Hint: they go by the names That Viral Skirt Set and Julia Fox. In fact, Miu Miu’s Y2K-inspired miniskirt and Diesel’s shoe-pants (which made an outing on Fox in January), both ranked as two of Lyst’s most in-demand products.

Moon Boots, Loewe’s white tank top, Fear of God’s California mule, and Clarks’ Wallabees also made the cut as hot products of Q1. Most unexpected, though, was the “women’s” product that reigned supreme: Naked Wolfe’s sky-high platform boots, a favorite of TikTok and of-the-moment celebs including Hailey Bieber and Kourtney Kardashian.

The inclusion speaks to TikTok’s growing influence on shopping trends, particularly among Gen Z. The app’s viral aesthetics — including “Coastal Grandma Chic,” “Goblincore,” and “Dark Academia” —might just influence Lyst’s next report.

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