New Balance Equip Utilitarian Stash Pouches Onto the 2002R

We all know New Balance for its clean lines, sharp attention to detail, and top-tier quality control – qualities for which it’s built a global reputation over the years.

As of last year, this approach to design has seen it paired perfectly with ALD’s Teddy Santis, whose first Made In USA collection (revealed earlier this week) serves as a testament to these qualities.

Perhaps New Balance’s most endearing pairs are those that undertake a more rebellious design language. This isn’t to say attention to detail and high-quality manufacture are thrown to the wind, far from it – but the 2002R has played base to designs with far more edge.

Case in point – the 2002R “Protection Pack.” Heralded as one of the best releases of 2021 and as one of New Balance’s best in general, the pack played on the idea of future relics, destressing the sneaker’s upper to reveal a layered design that elevated the brand’s typical use of suede and mesh.

The design was so popular that it’s making a return in 2022 and seemingly informs the palette and details applied to this new “Moon Grey” iteration.

Seemingly a Japan-exclusive, the style has been met with an extremely fast sell-out thanks to its post-apocalyptic aesthetic. Dressed in washed-out hues of grey suede and mesh and sat atop a distressed sole, the sneaker looks like it’s taken a beating and lived to tell the tale.

It’s a far cry from the dressed-up Americana palettes seen in Teddy Santis’ debut collection, making it worthy of attention. The finishing touch to the look is a sneaky baggy that Nike would be proud of.

Fingers crossed that these make their way over to South Africa because we need to get our feet in a pair.

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