M&M’s and adidas Originals’ Forum Low 84 Collaboration Is the Nuts

adidas’ next drop is for M&M fanatics only. Seriously. Don’t bother wearing this shoe unless you have a full-fledged obsession with the candy-coated chocolate.

In collaboration with candy purveyor Mars, Inc., adidas made over the Forum 84 Lo with an extensive array of M&M-themed bells and whistles.

A yellow and brown-striped upper mimics a pack of peanut M&Ms, while a perforated “m” at the toe and a rubberized M&M at the lateral drive the messaging home. The sneaker even comes with M&M-printed insoles, in case you were unclear that this is, indeed, an M&M collaboration.

If you have a favorite M&M (mine is Green, for obvious reasons), you can rep it with a range of interchangeable extras including red, orange, brown, green, and blue laces, as well as M&M-shaped dubraes.

Interestingly, the shoe appears to have been designed and finalized before Mars’ doomed makeover of the M&M characters. Both Brown and Green appear in all their pre-deYASSSified glory, high heels and lashes and all.

adidas pulled out all the stops for this one and honestly, I respect it. If anything, it’s (presumably) the last living monument to the pre-makeover Green M&M — that’s history right there!

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