Justin Bieber and Vespa Unveils New Collaborative Model Designed by the Singer

Car collabs are so 2021 — it’s all about the electric bike and scooter nowadays. Justin Bieber is setting the pace with his Vespa collab, the pop star’s first-ever automotive collab.

Inspired by his love of scooting around Europe, Bieber designed his own Vespa Sprint, complete with helmet and traveling accessories.

“The first time I rode a Vespa was somewhere in Europe, probably either London or Paris,” Bieber said. “I just remember seeing a Vespa and being like ‘I want to ride one of those.’”

Bieber has since been spotted riding Vespa’s small scooters around the world, often without a helmet (what a rebel).

“Being able to express myself, whether it’s through art, music, visuals, or aesthetics, being able to create something from nothing — it’s a part of me,” continued Bieber (though he could’ve been talking about his Vespa, his music, his wardrobe…).

“Ultimately the goal in creating and designing is always to put your own unique spin on things.”

Well, Bieber’s Vespa ain’t the most dramatic spin but a spin it is indeed.

Available in three engine flavors (50cc, 125cc, and 150cc), Bieber’s Vespa is intentionally pretty straightforward. As you can see, the Vespa is white with a few black accents, which lends (slight) visual weight to the illustrative flames that sit above its front and rear wheel wells.

Like Vespa’s in-house Spring scooter, Bieber’s collaborative design boasts a full-color digital display that syncs with smartphones to play tunes and tweak the hue of the LED lights. The scooter also, as usual, sits atop 12″ rims.

Whether you dig Bieber’s new ride or not, you can indulge in his collaborative Vespa driving merch, which includes gloves, a bag, and matching flame-printed helmet (reminder to Justin: put it on while driving!).

Bieber isn’t the first celeb to put his stamp on one of Vespa’s scooters: Dior, colette, Armani, and Sean Wotherspoon have all taken a stab at the pint-sized rides.

In an era where celebs are big on electric vehicles — and, especially for city-dwellers, car alternatives — the flood gates are wide open for many more automobile collabs that don’t involve cars.

Justin Bieber’s Vespa Spring collab launches April 18 in the US and April 20 in Europe through select scooter outlets. For the specifics, like the price and product rollout, you’ve gotta sign up on Vespa’s website and follow its socials.

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