Retro Band T-Shirts: The Best Band Tees From Cotton On

Band merch is like an exclusive club: you had to be there to get it. Or did you? With the rise of retro tees, there’s no way of telling whether someone actually went to that Metallica gig or if they just found it on the rails of their local vintage spot. Or, for that matter, at Cotton On .

From vinyl to posters, record players, and band merch, Cotton On is one of the retailer’s biggest hidden gems. While it’s very easy to lose an hour scrolling through the various music avenues in the shop, we thought we’d streamline your experience by rounding up some of the best band T-shirts.

Band T-shirts are a complete wardrobe staple in spring and summer, but it’s essential that you pick the right one both in terms of artist and aesthetics. Below, we’ve put together the best band T-shirts from Cotton On that are failproof.

Shop the best band T-shirts from COTTON ON below.

Nirvana Oversized Vintage T-Shirt

While the Nevermind album cover will always outshine any other Nirvana release, we think that this tee is an underrated graphic and shows a deeper-than-surface knowledge of the iconic band.


Band T-shirts often fall at the style hurdle. This Tupac tee features a simple color palette and an understated graphic which means that it passes with flying colors.

OutKast Oversized Music Merch T Shirt

Few merch styles can match the ’90s hip-hop tee. This OutKast tee pays homage to Atlanta, the birthplace of so much good music.

David Bowie Collab Music T-Shirt

Bowie’s trailblazing style is hard (read: impossible) to replicate, so there’s no point trying to design something wild in an attempt to do so. Instead, this simple, off-white tee does the job with restraint.

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