PUMA and Neymar unveil The Batman inspired football boots

It’s no secret that Neymar is a huge Batman fan. The dual image of him half as the Joker and half as the Dark Knight can be seen hanging on the wall in his home in the Brazilian’s Netflix documentary, and he has often sighted the two characters as representations of his character, as perceived by the public. So the news that his brand, PUMA, were linking up with DC Comics and specifically Batman would have been music to the PSG man’s ears.

The collection is inspired by the new Warner Bros. Pictures film “The Batman,” which released in theaters earlier this month. The grittiness of Gotham City and the heroics of Batman stand out in this new PUMA collection by drawing inspiration from the highly anticipated new film.

The collection merges culture with sport, bringing Batman, the Batmobile and Bat emblem to life. In addition to the football boot, there is a full collection of footwear, accessories and apparel which will be available from PUMA.com, sportscene/Archive, X-Trend, Side Step, Shesha, Superbalist, WE ARE EGG, Totalsports and select retailers.

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