Adidas Adorns Predator Edge With Swarovski Crystals

adidas is nothing if not flexible, shifting gears practically every day as it drops wholly distinct goods like Sean Wotherspoon’s new Equipment Support, Waffle House-inspired golf sneakers, and collaborative Gucci hats.

That versatility comes into play with this set of flashy soccer accessories, zhooshed up with sparkly Swarovski crystals.

Obviously, the star of the show is a pair of adidas Predator Edge cleats, sprinkled with shiny Swarovski crystals up top to match the geometric patterns printed atop the Primeknit upper and a reflective outsole below.

The idea, according to adidas, is to create a shoe that glistens during late-night games, lending an extra bit of pomp and circumstance to even an average scrimmage.

Not enough? Team the Predator Edge cleats with some matching Swarovski Adizero 11 gloves to double up on the gridiron glitz.

Splashed with some crystals atop the back of the hand and even on the fingertips, these gloves are a little more subtle than the shoes but that’s plenty — how often are you looking at a goaltender’s hands, anyways?

This isn’t adidas and Swarovski’s first team-up. In fact, this ain’t even the first Swarovski-laden adidas soccer shoe: the dropped a Freak Ultra cleat with similar detailing previously.

Then, there’s the Swarovski-studded Stan Smith and Superstar from a little while back.

I especially like the Swarovski crystals as a contrast to the function-driven soccer gear, though, in that it provides a glamourous contrast to the utilitarian items.

A nice juxtaposition of fashion and function.

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