The Apparent adidas x Balenciaga Triple S Might Make More Sense Than Not

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Ay yi yi, what a way to end the week. You’ve seen the Gucci Triple S, you’ve seen the Guccididas shoes, but you ain’t never seen an adidas x Balenciaga Triple S before.

Nor did you ask for it. But here we are anyways.

On March 17, two images of the supposed adidas x Balenciaga Triple S collab was uploaded by sneaker leak page @apolloluo1976, showing the profile and rear of the shoe.

In the photos, the black and white Triple S sports co-branding from both companies on the heel, a Three Stripes (Triple Stripes?)/Balenciaga logo combo on the upper, and that’s about it.

Not terribly exciting — if the shoe’s even real, of course — but remember that the Gucci Triple S was itself quite straightforward, with one model simply covering Balenciaga’s signature sneaker silhouette with an all-over “GG” monogram print.

Plus, Balenciaga and Gucci are both owned by Kering and it’s not hard to imagine the creative team of one company putting the creative team of another in touch with adidas.

Though I’d have thought that we’d see a teaser at Balenciaga’s Fall/Winter 2022 runway show, like with the Balenciaga/Gucci Spring 2022 presentation.

@apolloluo1976, for what it’s worth, seems to upload images of shoes that skirt the line of authenticity — one day, it’s a pair of believable Pharrell adidas or denim Jordan 1s, the next it might be a suspicious Nike Dunk colorway.

Still, one has to wonder if the adidas x Balenciaga Triple S is the real deal and perhaps even indicates a larger collaborative collection. Here’s hoping (or not).

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