PUMA and Minecraft debut collection of apparel

PUMA and the popular video game Minecraft have come together to create an exciting drop, with apparel launching in South Africa this month.

The PUMA x Minecraft streetwear collection features apparel for adventurers and explorers of all ages. The apparel features references to beloved (and some feared) Minecraft mobs and a sleek colour palette of white, grey and black is adorned with colourful logos and characters. One highlight is the Minecraft ocelot, which is posed to replicate PUMA’s original jumping cat.

To celebrate the launch of the drop, players can download a thrilling PUMA DLC where you can visit a virtual PUMA store to change your character’s skins, participate in three different races to collect exclusive trophies, and discover exciting surprises along the way. The PUMA DLC is available from the Minecraft Marketplace on the Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

The PUMA x Minecraft gaming ready collection will be available from 25 March from PUMA.com, PUMA Gateway, Archive, Shesha, The Cross Trainer, Superbalist, WE ARE EGG and selected retailers.​

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