Jordan Clarkson Models GOLF WANG’s CHAMPIONSHIP Collection

Watch out, NBA – GOLF WANG’s “CHAMPIONSHIP Collection” sees Tyler, the Creator’s imprint set its sights on the top of the league.

For someone that spent much of their teenage years in the depth of Tumblr, setting up Chrome autofill settings ahead of Supreme’s Thursday drops, and religiously listening to the Odd Future tapes and Goblin, the GOLFWANG brand still feels like somewhat of a fantasy.

Even though it’s been several years since Odd Future disbanded and over half a decade since Tyler’s GOLF WANG made its runway debut at Made LA, I can’t help but think of the collective and their music before the clothing.

From box logo tees, doughnut logos, and demented edits of cats to the “CHAMPIONSHIP Collection,” Tyler’s personal style evolution has turned what was essentially brand merch into a fully-fledged brand worthy of respect.

With the new “CHAMPIONSHIP Collection,” the creative mind takes GOLF WANG in a new direction void of staples like 5-panel caps and super-colorful graphics. Instead, you’ll find basketball jerseys, shorts, and the like in their place.

Sitting center stage is a varsity jacket that feels somewhat reminiscent of Tyler’s styling at Louis Vuitton’s most recent Paris Fashion Week show, thanks to its brown coloring and leather fabrication.

Blue detailing featured on the jacket appears across the full range of the collection, utilized as the team color of choice on the jersey and shorts set while being mimicked on a sweatband and basketball.

The finishing touches arrive courtesy of an off-court cream-colored sweatsuit and a gold signet ring featuring the GOLF league logo. Now, you too can live out your fantasies of winning the championship (Alexa, play “Big Rings” by Drake and Future).

Why wait? You can shop the GOLF WANG “CHAMPIONSHIP Collection” online now.

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